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 Hebe & Hercules manufactures cups and ceramic products.

Hebe & Hercules designed our products and copyrighted by our company, which allows us to produce products that are unique in the world.

American Artists design all our products.

Good ceramic products remain unchanged for generations. Therefore, when we produce products that lovers convey their love or products that have a special theme or meaning, we produce them with high quality. However, because there are various purposes, we will produce mid-range products too.

All products produced by our company are FDA approved and safe.

We try to produce products as small as possible. We aim to produce products that are small, practical, and meaningful so that you will want to take with you when moving to even a college dormitory or a small apartment or workplace.

We want to produce products that give people pride, joy, connect people, and give and receive warm feelings.



And only your support allows us to keep doing this.

Hebe & Hercules LLC established by Mary Moon in 2019 New Jersey, USA.



We offer Special Prices for Schools, Non-Profits, Other organizations, Company Gifts & Fundraisers

Please contact us via email or text message (Ask for Mary).

Email: hebeherculesUSA@gmail.com

Phone Number: +1 201-774-1800 (text-only for first time - Mary)

  • We manufacture themed goods with our copyrighted images.
  • FDA Pass/Safe
  • Bulk orders/Container Orders (possible)

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