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All store owners, managers, purchasing staff, and dealers are welcome.


 If you are contacting our company for the first time, please contact us by email.

Our company gives you the cell phone numbers of the people in charge.

The email is HebeHerculesUSA@gmail.com.

It would be helpful to serve you if you let us know your company name, contact information, and roughly what you are looking for.


 All products produced by Hebe & Hercules are safe and approved by the FDA.

Hebe & Hercules Products has a copyrighted product. Exclusives are also available.

OEM is available conditionally.


Thank you!

B2B stores, vendors, bulk orders, container orders, store owners, dealers, wholesalers,

first contact us via email or give us a text message (Ask for Mary) and then you can provide your contact information.

Please contact us via email or text message (Ask for Mary).

Email: hebeherculesUSA@gmail.com

Phone Number: +1 201-774-1800 (text-only for first time - Mary)

  • We manufacture themed goods with our copyrighted images.
  • FDA Pass/Safe
  • Bulk orders/Container Orders (possible)

Thank you for visiting our website!